USB Internet Modems


Have the ultimate of Internet wherever you go. Here’s a list of great options from the best service providers. You may pay for the modem here and either have it shipped, many times free, or totally free shipping to your local Walmart store for inspection and pickup.

By Carrier: Requires Activation and Plan:


With the high-performance AT&T USBConnect Force 4G you can quickly access the Internet from your laptop while on the go on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network that’s getting faster with 4G. Enjoy unlimited usage on the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi network with a qualifying data plan. Travel internationally and stay connected globally with data roaming. International roaming rates apply. Your Price: $69.96

T-Mobile Mobile Internet Modem

Buy with a plan for .01

U301 USB Device Sprint 3G/4G Mobile Broadband

Your Price: $40.00

T-Mobile 4G Laptop Stick
The T-Mobile 4G Prepaid Rocket USB Laptop Stick allows you to get 4G Internet speeds using HSPA+. Take advantage of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G networks. Your Price: $59.88

T-Mobile 4G Prepaid Rocket USB Laptop Stick
Connect. Browse. Chat. Share. Download. Do much more on the move. With the T-Mobile 4G Prepaid Rocket USB Laptop Stick, your world opens up to loads of exciting new possibilities. With its revolutionary HSPA+ technology, it offers you uninterrupted internet services at blistering 4G speeds. This laptop USB stick works well with most laptops as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can now make hours of video calls, download loads of apps, and take your business along with you while on the go with this T-Mobile 4G stick. It allows for wireless internet connectivity, giving you full control over your Wi-Fi network with its secured gateway access. With a microSD memory card slot, this wireless internet USB also doubles up as a card reader. Get going and take full advantage of T-Mobiles efficient 4G plans and the wide coverage offered. Your Price:$49.88

Virgin Mobile Broadband USB Modem

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Prepaid 3G USB Adapter, VMMC76NTKIT160
The Virgin Mobile prepaid 3G USB adapter offers a nationwide 3G wireless internet connection with no monthly commitments. Plans start at just $10, and with no contract or monthly commitments, you can change plans as your internet needs change. 3G broadband internet comes to you through Virgin Mobile’s cell phone network, wherever there’s coverage. No need to connect to wi-fi; just hook into the mobile internet network and start browsing. You can use your Broadband2Go service to work, shop, play, chat, and more — all at lightning fast speed. It’s easy. Your Price: $49.96

From Amazon:

Verizon: USB International Modem

Your Price: $29.99

Verizon USB760 3G Prepaid USB Broadband Device

Your Price: $50.99

NOVATEL USB760 Wireless cellular modem 3G USB Broadband Device for Verizon

Your Price: $79.99

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