Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 “Black” 32GB runs on Verizon’s

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 “Black” 32GB for the Straight Talk network+ with a new genuine Straight Talk CDMA Access code Kit along with a 4g lte sim card. Galaxy S7 is guaranteed ready to activate. Phone is offered with straight talk because it is the best value out there today. Also included is a new Straight Talk Cdma Activation kit and instruction guide on how to get started with Straight Talk. This is a genuine, premium hard to find straight talk access code activation KIT that runs on their fastest Verizon 4g LTE towers (the expensive, rare version- was selling for $45 by itself earlier this year). Setting this up is easy! 1. We will include instructions to activate your account and get started! + We will register your phone & install your sim card. Everyone knows Straight Talk is the best value plan right now with their $45 unlimited package. It also comes with a new wall charger adapter . * Samsung Galaxy S7 “Black ” – For the Straight Talk Network , * New Straight Talk Cd ma ACTIVATION Kit from Straight Talk. * Authentic Samsung lightning USB 2.0 Quick charge Wall Charger Adapter “Other Sellers Don’t include this charger “This charger will charge your phone from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes”. * Instructions on setup Quick Phone Facts Physical Condition: : Status: Verified Clean ESN, for Straight Talk and ready to be activated. Included: , Samsung USB 2.0 Quick Charge Cable, Straight Talk cdma access code and lte sim card and access code , Instructions, Authentic Samsung Charger , all packaged in a generic white box.

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 “Black” 32GB runs on Verizon’s 4G XLTE Via Straight Talk’s $45.00 5GB Unlimited talk & Text “Service Card Not included”

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  • Straight Talk Samsung galaxy S7 32GB "Black" runs on Verizon's towers on Straight Talk's $45 unlimited plan Phone is Pre-Registered with Straight Talk 4G LTE Sim Card installed.
  • Waterproof, Qualcomm snapdragon 820 quad core cpu
  • 1 Year Warranty No-Contract $45.00 Unlimited Talk+ Text + 5GB of ultra fast 4G XLTE Data on Verizon"Service Card Not Included". Easy to Follow instructions for activation
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Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 “Black” 32GB runs on Verizon’s
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