Sony Flip Cover Stand for Xperia XA1 SCSG30 Featuring Auto

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A cover that stands up – Watch your favorite TV-shows, movies or your own video clips wherever you want, with this stylish cover that doubles as a phone stand.

Sony Flip Cover Stand for Xperia XA1 SCSG30 Featuring Auto On/Off upon Open and Close – White

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  • Hands-Free Viewing: Stand Cover Stand SCSG20 switches effortlessly from a protective cover to a convenient, adjustable stand. Just prop your phone then sit back and enjoy
  • Complementary Looks: With its smooth, seamless "loop surface" design, Stand Cover Stand SCSG20 is tailor-made to match your phone and sits comfortably in your hand. And for even more perfect harmony, it comes in a range of matching colors and has a transparent holder, to complement your phone's best features.
  • Turn on with the Flip of a cover - Stand Cover Stand SCSG20 automatically wakes your phone up or puts it in standby when you open and close it. So you don't need to worry about pressing the power button.
  • Doubles as a handy phone stand, Crafte to match your Xperia XA1, Auto on/off when you open and close.

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