The Samsung Conglomerate is by far the largest of all Corporations located in Korea in fact and its total sales revenues in 2007 were larger than many Country’s gross national products. In 2007 Samsung Electronics  became the second largest cell phone maker. Samsung as a brand is ranked as 68th on the list of most recognizable brand names and as late as 2010 ranked as number 22 for Most Reputable Companies. In 2010 Samsung Electronics through its mobile division sold 280 million mobile devices or an impressive 20.2% only 12% behind its rival Nokia.
The claim-to-fame of the Samsung-cellular phone devices compared to its competitors is the unsurpassed screen and its connectivity. The newest series of this writing is the Galaxy series which as a Smartphone uses the Android operating system however Samsung, but it also supports a wide range of other notable operating systems such as Symbian, Microsoft window amongst others. Samsung’s Galaxy in august of 2011 exceeded the iPhone with its Smart-phones as compared with the Apple iPhone taking 24% verses Apple’s iPhone with 15% .




Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 16Gb White WiFi Android Unlocked Cell Phone

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