Nokia is by far the largest of all cell phone device manufacturers world wide. While other manufacturers through their own innovations are slowly diminishing Nokia’s world wide market share of 24% Nokia still has allocated more resources to development and research than the other global cellular device manufacturers. Nokia has a widespread alliance of world wide partnerships and subcontractors helping Nokia to maintain its world wide recognition as the most formidable competitor, enjoying the 15th of the most recognizable brand names in the world today.
The basic 1100 series by Nokia made it the best selling cell phone of its time in 2007. More recent developments gave Nokia the edge by manufacturing the first full Qwerty key pad at more reasonable or cheaper pricing. In a competitive stance Nokia created an alliance with Microsoft to employ Windows operating system making a Windows Phone. Since Windows utilizes the search benefits of Bing their latest phones will offer maps and other applications and content will be utilized from Microsoft.
Nokia is committed to being eco friendly each phone being manufactured does not contain toxic polyvinyl chloride and Nokia offers a recycle program in many countries to recycle phone parts as a part of it eco world contribution plan.
The newest release of a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows based cell phone will be released in December but initially not in the USA. The new phone will offer a Li-Lon battery with GSM talk time of 13 hours, a 3.7 inch Amoled touch screen, a panoramic 8 pixel camera, a FM player. It’s length will be 4.6 inches, its width will be 2.4 inches, thickness:.047 inches, and 142 grams in weight/ 5 ounces.




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