Nokia E65 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, International 3G,

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The slim slider, quad-band Nokia E65 contains all the mobile business capabilities of a Nokia E-series device in an exquisite package with top notch materials. Perfect for frequent travelers, it provides quad-mode global GSM connectivity so you can stay in touch wherever you roam. It also offers Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g) for accessing open networks at home or on the road at hotspots as well as compatibility with 2100 MHz 3G networks (in Europe and Asia). This phone can also be integrated with leading corporate telephony systems–with Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco, Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Alcatel and Avaya one-X Mobile Edition for Nokia solutions. It also offers push-to-talk capability, Bluetooth connectivity for communication headsets and data transfer, and streaming audio and video. Maximize your workday with a range of business features: conference calling, voice recording, notepad, integrated handsfree speaker, talking ringtones, and more. This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider and it provides quad-band connectivity (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider. When paired with a compatible 3G network that uses UMTS 2100 MHz connectivity (found in Europe and Asia), you’ll enjoy a variety of feature-rich wireless services with speeds up to 384 Kbps–from data connectivity to your office to multimedia streaming, and take advantage of simultaneous voice and data services. In the United States and foreign territories where 2100 MHz 3G networks are not available, you’ll continue to receive data service via EDGE network (depending on network compatibility). Designed for easy access to the most frequently used applications from the One Touch keys on the front cover, you can make conference calls, access your contacts database, mute and unmute calls, and access an application of choice throu

Nokia E65 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, International 3G, Wi-Fi, Media Player, and MicroSD Slot–International Version No Warranty (Pink/ Silver)

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  • This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
  • Quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and International 3G compatibility via 2100 UMTS plus EDGE capabilities
  • Slider phone with full range of business features. Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g). access to email with document viewer
  • 2-megapixel camera. 50 MB internal memory to 2 GB. MicroSD expansion. Bluetooth for handsfree devices. digital media player
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 265 hours of standby time

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