Nokia 6010 Dual Band 850/1900 GSM Cellular Phone (US Version)

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The Nokia 6010 is a GSM quad-band phone. This phone has a Navy Blue color which adds to a tough look and built and a classic one. It is classic in whatever aspect you want to see it but it is still one of those most trusted model by many customers. The battery of this phone is superb. It lasts longer than any other phone; the reason could be because it doesn’t use up so much energy. The 6010 supports EMS, MMS, instant messaging and text messing. This phone doesn’t have a camera but it can be an organizer. It has a calendar, an alarm and a to-do list so you won’t miss important dates or appointments. It can also store up to 500 contacts. The size is slim that it fits to even small pockets and you don’t need to worry because the phone is compact.

Phone Specifications

Display General Input Messaging Sound Technology Type
Color Alarm Predictive Text Email 2.5 mm Headphone Slot GSM Dual-Band 850,1900 </t

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  • For use with GSM plans only, just pop your SIM card in!
  • Unlocked for any GSM service provider that uses SIM cards
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Nokia 6010 Dual Band 850/1900 GSM Cellular Phone (US Version)

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