iPhone 7 Plus Case RANVOO Stylish Thin Hard Case with 3

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Ultra-Thin Back Cover made from advanced material is only 0.9mm and it can fit your phone perfectly and keep high touch sensitivity.
The premium 3 in 1 Electroplate Frame Case is easy to put on and take off following the instruction, also it should be more careful and patient.

Operation Instruction:
The back case is made up from 3 parts: back cover, top bumper,bottom bumper.
Step 1: Hold your phone with screen up, and then install the back cover from the left side to the right.
Step 2:Install the top and bottom bumpers, aiming the connection joint part.
Step 3: Press the top bumper down with your fingers, push the top sides into your fingers, push the top sides into place and buckle up your phone.
Step 4: Installation is completed.

Hold your phone with screen up, break apart the any one of the 4 corners with your thumb and forefingers, then the case will be take off easily.

Color: Black, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Red
Type: iPhone 7 Plus Case Cover
Item weight: 32g

Package Contents:
1x Case Cover
1x Operation Instruction

More: Please search “Ranvoo Store” for more 2016 New Release Phone Accessories.

iPhone 7 Plus Case RANVOO Stylish Thin Hard Case with 3 Detachable Parts for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5, CHROME GOLD and MATTE BLACK, [CLIP-ON]

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  • Slim with Commuting-level Protection: Protects your iPhone from scratches and slight drops effectively with high quality polycarbonate back and edges. For better protection, a separate RANVOO screen protector highly recommended for your Apple iPhone 7 Plus together with this case
  • Enough Grip: Better grip than most slim cases while still smooth enough to slide in and out of pockets, achieved by our special rubber coating finish. Recommended for users with sweaty or oily hands looking for a thin case
  • Slim Fit: Minimalist design and seamlessly skinny-fit for iPhone 7 Plus while installation remains easy, thanks to Ranvoo's high-precision molding and 100% quality-check process
  • Functional: Buttons, speaker, mic & lightning jack as functional as without a case, if not better (the buttons)
  • Special Features: Odorless environmental materials. Thin and light, at only 0.9 mm thick and 24 gram in weight, with extra protection for rear lens, from the 0.3 mm raised bezel. Specifically designed for iPhone 7 Plus (2016 New Release Apple Smart Mobile Phone Only)
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iPhone 7 Plus Case RANVOO Stylish Thin Hard Case with 3
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