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The Apple win in a thriving Android market

The verdict against Samsung will have a positive effect for consumers by pushing the technology giants in the Android market to change and change is always good. The court’s ruling will force Android developers to seek new innovative alternatives that will lead to more exciting changes in design and software applications. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? Many industry experts think that patents are just a means to make a few tweaks to existing patents, that patents are simply publicly made blue print for other companies to copy.

The Android market shows no signs of slowing down. Android based technology now comprises 60% of the smartphone market. With the backing of Google in 2005 which purchased the Android Operating system and then developed the Open Source Market all has worked to keep the pressure on Apple to incease market share. With a dominance in the market Samsung is not the one who is taking Apple to court over patent infringements, in fact being the one of the largest semi conductor manufacturers Samsung needs Apple as much as Apple needs Samsung.

The judge will not rule on the status of Apple’s request for the injunctions prohibiting Samsung from distributing (8) eight different Smartphone and tablet devices until December of this year, and by the time that the injunctions will have liitle or no impact on the new complete introduction of smartphones and tablets will be presented for the 2013 new year.

In the meantime thе uѕе оf Android smartphones іѕ flourishing, wіth thousands оf apps bеіng created аnd distributed асrоѕѕ millions оf smartphones асrоѕѕ thе world. Aссоrdіng tо thе rесеnt study, Android phones hаvе witnessed аn increase іn sales оf 32 реr cent еvеrу month, wіth nеw handsets bеіng released frequently. Industry experts bеlіеvе thаt thе app development hаѕ аlѕо witnessed а drastic rise wіth thе advent оf feature-rich smartphones lіkе the newly released Samsung S III, MotoBLUR, Motorola Droid, etc. Thе fіrѕt аnd foremost reason fоr thе rise іѕ оbvіоuѕlу thе open source nature оf thе platform аnd іtѕ flexibility. Additionally, а significant growth hаѕ bееn witnessed оvеr а this past year years whеn іt соmеѕ tо download оf Android applications which keeps reinvigorating sales.

Sоmе оf thе latest functionalities аnd features offered bу thе Android platform fоr application development hаvе included Cloud based service integration. Cloud computing hаѕ helped оut dіffеrеnt companies tо efficiently manage IT аnd аlѕо mаkе thе bеѕt uѕе оf thе utilities аnd promotion оf thеіr оwn services. Thеrе hаvе bееn mаnу popular Android apps whісh hаѕ tаkеn advantage оf thе

Location based feature offered bу Google whісh іѕ basically аn extension оf thе Google map feature. Thіѕ feature hаѕ facilitated mаnу apps whісh саn track dоwn thе location оf thе customer vіа GPS аnd nоw hаvе gоnе а step furthеr іn giving оut relevant information аbоut thе place.

It would be remissive if we did not include the rumored changes in the impending release of the latest iPhone 5 due out as early as September (to coincide with the fresh win of their court battle with Samsung)

1. Ultra Thin Design: Thе iPhone 5 concept device wіll bе thin аnd light іn weight. Thе device wіll bе ultra slim аnd easy tо handle. It іѕ ѕаіd thаt thе iPhone5 wіll bе nеаrlу 40% mоrе slim thаt thе current iPhone 4 os.

2. Upgraded Camera: Thе iPhone 5 іѕ ѕаіd tо hаvе а stunning clarity оf pictures wіth іtѕ 12MP auto focus camera. Thе camera ring wіll bе reduced іn іtѕ diameter аnd wіll hаvе thе ability tо capture crystal clear pictures аnd Full HD (1080) videos.

3. Holographic Display: Sоmе ѕау thаt thе phone wіll bе hаvіng оnе оf thе mоѕt exceptional Holographic Display. Thіѕ wіll аllоw viewing movies, оr pictures оr simple net surfing саn bе dоnе wіth virtual projection screen. Thе display wіll bе 1080 Full HD іn resolution.

4. Projector keyboard: People anticipate thаt thеrе wіll bе а projected keyboard thаt wіll аllоw thе user tо access іt аnd type wіth а virtual keyboard whісh wіll арреаr оn thе desk оr table whеrе thе device wіll bе kept. Thе keyboard wіll bе muсh mоrе easy tо uѕе аnd аllоwѕ faster typing speed. Sоmе complain nоw аbоut thе size аnd difficulties involved іn typing.

5. Zеrо Reflection Screen: Thе iPhone 5 wіll hаvе thе screen thаt wіll nоt hаvе аn annoying reflection аt all. Thе display wіll bе coated wіth special anti reflecting thin screens thаt wіll cut dоwn reflection mоrе thаn LCD panels.

6. Dual camera wіth 12MP: Thе iPhone 5 wіll hаvе dual camera lіkе аnу оthеr phone today, but thе difference wіll bе thаt thе front camera wіll bе 12MP, unlіkе thе оnе thаt hаvе 12MP.

With the release of the iPhone 5 just a month away we usually see a pre-release glimpse as we have seen in the past with an Apple employee acidentally leaving the prototype to the iPhone 4os on a bar or with a “deep throat” informant releasing info to a friendly journalist. What is clear is both Apple and the Android platforms have their own committed followers and both will flourish regardless of courtroom decisions. is a website created to offer informed consumers the latest releases of cell phones and to keep you, the public, completely up to date with the constantly changing technology market.

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Choosing a cell phone

By aphones

Be Prepared. Know your own needs

As the owner of two cell phone websites I would like to share with you my advice as to what is important when buying a cell phone. With all of the changing technology and cell plans we feel tempted to purchase the latest and greatest. But should we?

There are a few questions that should be considered that will define your personal preferences before the shopping process starts.

1) Do you need a smartphone? This question can be answered by becoming organized. First if you feel comfortable using and navigating using a computerized cell phone? Do you use the cell phone for basic calling and/or texting or will you need the phone to perform certain functions? Can you or do you have the propensity to download applications If you do not feel that you will need a cell phone that will enable certain applications to work for you from GPS, to interactive games, for people to organize by syncing contacts, calenders with tasks, to receive weather reports check on flights, etc. Many of the standard cell phones have the capability to access the Internet however if are so inclined smartphones because they offer a larger display are more visible and versatile

2) Now that you have decided if a smart phone is for you the next question coincides with the first question. Where do you carry a cell phone? For example if you must carry a cell phone on your body or in your pants the size of the cell phone becomes a issue. If you carry the cell phone in a case on your belt then although some smart phones would be bulky a separate case allows for ordinarily a larger phone. Women who use handbags must think of where the cell phone will be carried in the bag, in a side compartment or inside freely moving or floating around. Most smart phones are slim (0.37 inch) but are taller (5″) with a weight of about (4.1-4.9 ounces) to flip phones or less expensive best selling classic phones like the best selling Nokia 3720 which is still 4.5″ height and wider at (.60 inches wide) but the weight is less (3.2 ounces). The issue of size is to be considered before beginning the shopping experience.

3) So now you know whether you need a smart phone, and the size of a cell phone that will be most comfortable to carry. Whether you should buy a smart phone or a classic phone for most people price becomes a issue and this decision mostly will involve a service plan, pay as you go, or a unlocked cell phone.

How will you use the phone is important. If for example you travel outside the USA a unlocked phone maybe more versatile and thereby more affordable. A unlocked cell phone will accept SMS chips from all other carriers including most overseas carriers so all you must do is buy a small chip in another Country and activate the phone as you would with prepaid phones here. With regard to monthly costs you should determine not only a monthly budget but if you are seeking the latest phone there will be a cost. A phone that is a few months old can with all of the popular service providers can be obtained at little or no cost.

A pay as you go plan at monthly cost is $50 is the average cost effective if you will receive and use the phone daily as the unlimited calling pay as you go from At&t is $2.00 per day but will not be charged unless you make or receive calls. However with Sprint (Nextel coverages ) if cost is of concern there is no monthly fee but a .20 per call cost, no contract no monthly fee.There is a mandatory minimum amount of $25.00 for both AT&T to keep the line open and Verizon however with T-moble the monthly cost drops down to $10.00 minimum.

The idea here is to try to determine your cell phone usage. With most of the service providers they mainly offer a (14) fourteen day money back guarantee and will allow for the contract to be cancelled within (3) three days of activation. The tip here is that At&t offers a (30) thirty day return policy and depending on your negotiating skills and where the activation takes place, it doesn’t hurt to ask for the cancellation to be extended for the (30) thirty days. If you really do not know what your usage will be at least if the cancellation can be extended you will find out your usage (of course your usage must be paid for). So Sprint can also be the least means of determining your usage paying the .20 per minute rate instead of the monthly flat rate. at the time of this writing there are approximately 10,000 different cell phone combinations to chose from so being prepared and knowing your particular needs prior to entering the maze of plans and telephone offers will help you make the best deal possible.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011
By now everyone knows that with the release of the new iphone 4 ios, that Apple’s latest iPhone is breaking all past sales records for iPhones since the first release in 2007. As of this writing an amazing 4 million have been sold. Instead of relying on all of the press reports and techie reports I decided to do my own research by going into the local AT&T store, Verizon Store and the Sprint store. Basically I heard the same from each of the three salespeople from each of the cell phone providers that carry the new iPhone 4 ios cell phone . The first salesperson described the new iPhone 4 ios as being Industry Standard.

iPhone 4 ios

The common description from the salespeople demonstrating the phone was that there was nothing really new as compared to the typical Android phones released many months ago. For example the Samsung Galaxy SII has each of the new upgrades incorporated into Apple’s new iPhone 4 ios and was presented in February of 2011 and released in July.

Samsung Galaxy S II
Apple with the new iPhone touts the new upgrades as being: A faster processor. The iPhone 4 ios now has a 1 ghz processor, the Samsung Galaxzy has 1.2 GHz processor, both can reach speeds of 24 MPS however each carrier cannot support the faster speed and most probably will not be able to employ the faster speeds before the first part of 2012. With regard to iPhone’s new 8 megapix camera, the Galaxy II has the same quality delivering 8 megapix. Apple with its new Iphone has upgraded to voice commands. The Galaxy II for example came originally as “Industry Standard” Voice Actions and according to the Sprint salesperson the new Iphone is lacking one crucial feature. Google’s Android’s voice can give directional commands using Google maps while the Iphone cannot.

It is true that there is a size difference. The Samsung Galaxy II is .9 inches longer but its contoured design makes it slightly thinner. The new Iphone 5 promises to be,as the last great innovation personally provided by Steve Jobs before his untimely passing, the ultimate Iphone ever introduced. While the new iphone promises to become indurstry standard up to 4 g coming into the 4g world of the Android. The iPhone supposedly has 500,000 Apps, while the Androids have 350,000. The Verizon’s salesperson was quick to tell me that most of the Apps being offered by iPhone were “useless” With so many being offered on each side it really doesn’t make a difference as these salespeople seem to all agree that there are sufficient Apps available by both to make everyone whether they have a Apple or a Android very happy.

After hearing the pros and cons offered by the salespeople the logical conclusion would be if your service plan ends soon it will be fine to grab the brand Apple, forever chique, iPhone. But if you can wait until the new iPhone 5 will be unveiled within a year’s time,if Tim Cook can maintain the dedicated visionary perspective that Steve Jobs created, then you will be duly rewarded with the latest of Apple’s capabilities.

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Can smart phones become smarter

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
The cell phone is more then a device for communication it is a tool that has become an integral part of our existence. Can you exist without your cell phone? Yes of course you could but you would be giving up a premier means of keeping in touch

The fascination with a technology that would take our has long warn off. Mobile phones are entrenched within most of our daily lives. The visionary Thomas Edison realized the need to communicate outside the realm of the sound of the voice, that would broaden the scope of communication. His idea initially was kept in a wired world, whereas later technological developments and innovations primarily with radio frequencies would extend the range of communication almost infinitely.. Walkie talkie technology has come a long way.. Radio wave technologies would transcend from analogue and enter the digital era. Some 50 years after Edison’s death Bell telephone would develop base stations which pole-vaulted radio signals further and further. Digital technology would allow the transmission of data in a more efficient less expensive manner

Convenience is a driving factor to keep improving technologies of communication and where ever imagination is technology is certain to follow.

Our lives are immersed in technology. We are accustomed to technological terms like 3g 4g technologies and smartphones are now the norm . Today smartphones even come complete with extraterrestrial descriptions like the Android operating system. Today the Android operating system boasts 15,000 applications.In the technological evolutionary process the Android operating system was developed as the missing link that would permanently join the two world of the cellular together with the computer.

This hybrid solution is offered by Amazon in their latest innovation the Amazon tablet.

Our lives are becoming less complicated if many elements offered in computers and cell phones are being combined into one device. In our homes we can have wireless, hands free and the connection is becoming more transparent Wireless allows smart cell phones to utilize its smarts in areas like airports, stores, restaurants, cafes and if you wanted to pay for a modem the Internet is available anywhere.
Latest Amazon Kindle Fire with wireless

As chips evolve to allow for more information to be stored and emitted with increasingly efficiencies the possibilities remain endless. The USA has a continued interest with developing computer chips as our national security depends on it. In cell phones and computers the platforms such as the Internet the social networking sites the tablet computer create the vision for companies to formulate how they will develop the technology and gear to keep up with our ever changing lifestyles.Blue tooth has allowed the technologies of communication to be meshed into our automobiles and with the advances in battery technologies such as liquid batteries, fashion apparel has incorporated the latest flexible cell phones into clothing.See the latest by Kyocera:

“Kyocera Unveils Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone”
Now that the components of a cell phone have become flexible the possibilities become endless. As our need to be connected to be logged in, to be mapped by longitude and latitude the developers of technologies will meet our ever insatiable desire to be tuned in. Mosey on over to see cool phones on a cool website; to see how to buy or just window shop for the newest in mobile cell phones.
Apple realeases a Pretty Cool Phone

The most advanced iPhone yet! Apple introduced today the new
Iphone 4s ios 5.
Here are the most notable upgrades:
-Introducing Siri: The intelligent system that us there to help. Voice commands: ask Siri to call, send texts, set reminders and more
-Dual –Core A5 Chip: Two powerful Cores and make all of the difference when you are browsing the Web, going from app to app to app, gaming and doing just about anything.
-All new Camera it just maybe the best camera on a phone. What’s more amazing then a MP Camera with all new optics-that also shoots 1080 HD video?
-ios5-With over 200 new software features, the world’s most advance operating system is now even further ahead of everything else.
-I Cloud -Your content on all of your devices. ICloud stores your music, photos, and documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all of your devices. It’s automatic, effortless and seamless. ICloud is free with ios and coming soon
Available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon starting at $199.00

The most amazing Phone yet! Apple introduced today the new I I
Iphone 4s,ios 5.
Here are the most notable upgrades:
-Introducing Siri: The intelligent system that us there to help. Voice commands: ask Siri to call, send texts, set reminders and more
-Dual –Core A5 Chip: Two powerful Cores and make all of the difference when you are browsing the Web, going from app to app to app, gaming and doing just about anything.
-All new Camera it just maybe the best camera on a phone. What’s more amazing then a MP Camera with all new optics-that also shoots 1080 HD video?
-ios5-With over 200 new software features, the world’s most advance operating system is now even further ahead of everything else.
-I Cloud -Your content on all of your devices. ICloud stores your music, photos, and documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all of your devices. It’s automatic, effortless and seamless. ICloud is free with ios and coming soon
Available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon starting at $199.00 is a authorized Apple Affiliate
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Labels: I phone 4s ios

Apple’s Iphone: Status, Functionality, Style, life

The Iphone has enhanced our lives and has been the impetus and innovator in technologies that keep all other cell phone manufacturers competing in the world wide market. It is expected that the new Iphone 5 will still be far ahead of the Android technologies and offer a slimmer version with an enhanced camera going up to a 8 pixel. Of course all of this is speculation and if you read anything on the new Iphone5 on the Internet or elsewhere such descriptions have not been officially sanctioned by Apple.” through our Affiliates will immediately have the scoop and will deliver as we always do the most competitive pricing on the original Iphones all with original gear” according the the master retailer Bruce Alan who is launching “The demand for the new Iphone5 will be the most incredible demand for a mobile celular phone since mobile phone service was established in 1946” according to Alan.

According to Apple the IPhone brand has:
“The world’s most advanced mobile operating system. With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and rock-solid stability, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — is the foundation of iPhone. And even as other phones try to catch up, the technologies and features built into iOS 4 keep it years ahead of the competition.”

By Hollywood’s standards if you carry a Iphone you maybe at the apex of fashion of fashion. According to a great variety of celebrities use the Iphone for their communique.Ashton Kutcher,Julian Perretta, Jack Black, Heather Morris,Helena Bonham,Mila Kunis,Jared Leto, Kandee Johnson, Harry Styles, Jackson Rathbone,Julie benz,Jim Carrey,Uma Thurmanonly to name a few..
What are you waiting for, the new IPone 5?
Having a IPhone is akin to being brand savy, designer oriented and hip elite. Brand names such as the IPhone even being devoid of some features offered by its competitors comprises 66% of the Moble market

The Iphones are competing effectivley with the Androids of today.

“This quarter saw a slight sequential decline in overall profit for the sector, but four vendors did not manage a profit from selling phones. Nokia, Motorola,Sony-Ericsson and LG all saw losses.”
according to Horace Dediu who reports for Asymco “The other vendors split the slightly decreased pie with Apple getting two thirds of it (66.3%),” Dediu reports. “This share is up from 57% in Q1 and 50% in Q3 and Q4.”

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