The Android Platform was developed in alliance with Google. It is an open source platform which allows developers to create applications that will satisfy the needs of all mobile phone users over the Android market. Canalys, a independent technology analysis company listed the Android as being the greatest selling Smartphone platform with over 200 million devices being used in the year 2,000. This is logical as the Androids compared to the iPhone for example offer many cell phones that are far below the suggested retail prices of the best selling single cell phone which is the iphone.

Google purchased Motorola Mobility in August of 2011 as to solidify its presence in the mobile market place and to avoid further copyright lawsuits from Apple. Google has the largest market share of search users on the Internet and offers many of the Internet Apps such as Google Translate, Google maps, Google Shopper and Google Voice to list a few, that we have become accustomed to using by accessing Google over the Internet and now via Smart-phones
As of the latest reports the market is neck to neck  Android and iPhone both offer over 125,000 different Applications . It has been said that from a security basis that Apple related softwares including those on Apple computers and iPhones are more resistant to viruses and the Androids have GPS devices inside that may record your shopping habits while the iPhone’s GPS turns off to save battery usage.

Verizon Motorola Droid X WiFi 3G Camera Android Smartphone Cell Phone

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